0 to 1 Marketing for Breakout Brands

Hi I'm Dave.

I'm a fractional marketer and brand strategy/design consultant for "0 to 1" stage startups and innovation teams at established companies. I also do "1 to 2" rebrands for established companies and products that have outgrown their brand. I specialize in branding new products and companies, and rebrands of existing products and companies that need a refresh to move to the next level. I help teams make strategic marketing decisions in branding, category design, positioning, differentiation, value props, and messaging, setting companies up to compete for the future in their chosen market space.

Who am I a good fit for?

I have deep experience in healthcare and medical devices, but can assist any market sector, as the underlying branding principles I use are broadly applicable. Some situations I fit well in:

  • You are preparing to launch a new product, and want to make sure it launches with as strong a brand strategy as possible.
  • You've outgrown your initial branding and need to rebrand/reposition to expand your marketshare and grow.
  • Your product is under performing vs competition.
  • Sales teams are struggling to articulate your product strengths vs alternatives.
  • Customers are visiting but don’t see the compelling value in what you offer.
  • You do not have budget for a full time senior marketer, but could use senior level guidance and expertise.

What are my qualifications?

I have over 20 years of experience marketing a variety of innovative products, ranging from $0 at launch to over $2 billion dollars in global revenue. I've rebranded close to 20 companies. I’ve worked at Silicon Valley startups and Fortune 100 corporations, and have developed an innovation brand strategy framework through years of real-world use. My work has resulted in multiple $100M dollar products sold in over 150 countries, one IPO, and three company acquisitions for $244M, $600M, and $5.3B.

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How do we work together?

Let’s have a chat to discuss your needs, and we'll build a flexible, cost-effective engagement plan together to meet your needs.

Let's get started! Contact me here.