New Innovation Marketing for a Short Attention Span World

Attention Spans are Shorter Than Ever

It takes 1 second to lose a customer nowadays. Are you conveying your new product's value before potential customers swipe or click you away?

Hi I'm Dave.

I'm a consultant specializing in first impression marketing, a new discipline for a short attention span world. I help innovative organizations make a strong, clear impression in the first second of a customer encounter, piquing their interest and compelling them to stay engaged long enough to learn more.

Meet the 1 Second Marketing™ framework

Through decades of marketing experience launching new innovations to new markets, I've developed a simple framework for making the most of that all-important first impression. It integrates key disciplines in category design, positioning, branding, messaging, and visual design. Learn more about the framework here.

1 Second Marketing Framework
1 Second Marketing Framework

My consulting service

Do you have a new product that's launching or an existing product that is underperforming? I’ll analyze it across the 5 dimensions of the 1 Second Marketing™ framework. Then I’ll provide a comprehensive report full of insights, strategy, recommendations, and ideas to improve your first second of exposure to customers. The 1 Second Marketing™ framework is about setting you on the right initial strategic trajectory for success.

Who is this for?

  • You are launching a new product or company.
  • You suspect your existing offering isn’t positioned correctly.
  • Customers are visiting but not “getting it”.
  • Customers don’t understand your product.
  • Customers don’t see the value in what you offer.

How it works

The 1 Second Marketing framework can be used to assess your offering, and create an improved first impression strategy. This could result in tangible deliverables such as a redefined product category, stronger differentiators vs competition, more appropriate branding that reflects the quality and value of your product, a new tagline, new imagery, new copy, or some combination of all of the above.

What are your qualifications?

I have over 20 years of experience marketing a variety of innovative products, ranging from zero at launch to over a billion dollars in revenue. I’ve worked at Silicon Valley startups and Fortune 100 corporations, and have developed this innovation launch framework through years of real-world use. It’s not theory, it works, and has resulted in multiple million dollar products, an IPO, and three company acquisitions. Read more about me or follow me on Linkedin.

How much does it cost?

Let’s have a chat to discuss your needs, and I’ll provide a quote, but engagements generally range from $3000 to $10,000 depending on the project complexity. Think about how much revenue you might lose if your offering is unclear, positioned incorrectly, or has a weak value proposition. You probably have more revenue potential, and 1 Second Marketing™ can help you unlock it.

Let's get started! Contact me here.